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David Bowie – Station to Station (87.5)


With over-the-top costumes, elaborate stage make-up, catchy rock tunes and drug usage, David Bowie was the poster child of glam rock.  However, with the production of Station to Station, Bowie took the initiative to explore outside of his rock persona, building his tenth studio album off the influences of funk, disco and electronic rock.  The…

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The Doors – Strange Days (90)


For a band that was active less than ten years with only six studio albums (with all four members) The Doors became an iconic band of the late 1960s.  They pushed the edge of popular rock music; crafting poetic lyrics of sex and death over blues-rock inspired instrumentation, while still managing to produce a sound…

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Boston – Boston (100)


It is not often a band is able to release a debut album filled with songs of such perfection that they would not only become instant favorites, but would later develop into cherished and iconic hard rock classics.  But for Boston, a band started by MIT graduate Tom Scholz, such a fantasy became an instant…

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Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac (100)


Fleetwood Mac’s second self-titled album, also known as the White Album, was a rebirth of sort after the departure of Bob Welch.  In search of a new guitarist, the band came across American musician, Lindsey Buckingham in 1975.  As a condition to joining the band, Buckingham asked for his musical partner and love interest, Stevie…

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Stevie Ray Vaughan – In Step (95)


Double Trouble was the 1980’s answer to bringing blues back to the mainstream music scene.  Fronted by legendary guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn, the blues band became popular among rock audiences as the musicians merged the stylistic sounds or rock and roll with the traditional twelve bar blues’ format. The best of this innovation was heard…

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