Puluche seeks to become a prominent music website destination for those who love all forms of rock music and seek to learn about its past and present contributions through a medium that is educational, interactive, and socially enjoyable.

As a new website, we are realistic with our measurable goals and our overall vision will be fully transparent as we continue to build.  As part of our alignment with education, most of the contributing writers at Puluche are journalism students. We feel it is important for students to have an opportunity to gain valuable real world experience, get their work published, and build their resume for additional future employment opportunities. 

A certain uniqueness of our vision that is also tied to an educational approach is our method of critiquing album releases. We utilize our Puluche Album Review Rubric © that incorporates inter-rater reliability (seen as “IRC” on review text and rubrics) in order to ensure more objectivity in our review ratings.  We find this method of critique works and will certainly be an important aspect of this website.

Inter-rater reliability is when a reviewer scores a record using the Puluche Album Review Rubric © and it is then checked off by a second reviewer – the IRC.  If the scores are the same it is an agreed upon and completed analysis score.  If the scores are dissimilar by more than 5 points a third reviewer scores the record and a consensus is reached based on these staff members.

Our album reviews feature two additional historic sections: Exemplars and Historic albums. Exemplar reviews are albums in rock history that score a 100 according to our album review process. Historic reviews are those recordings we feel are necessary to reexamine and explore their significance to the history of rock music. In addition to current releases, Puluche will continually publish important historic recordings in our reviews section

We also offer a wide variety of quizzes that will challenge your knowledge of music history – have fun, get frustrated, but learn. The home page has rotating “Quotes of the Week,” as well as “This Day in Music History.

We also believe in a shared vision approach that includes staff and fan insights.  Puluche is a guest website where viewers are not obligated to become “sign-in” members.  However, we encouraged our followers to take our daily quizzes with the opportunity to win free monthly prizes on our Facebook Fan Page.  Coming soon, followers will have the option to become members and will be able to rate and discuss albums, create quizzes,  share insights within discussion blogs, enter art sketching contests, upload photos, and much more.