Coldplay – Ghost Stories (62.5)


Coldplay have always been like the pop-friendly Radiohead. Music that’s a little more radio-friendly, lyrics that are a little more high school girl Facebook status-friendly. While their music has rarely stagnated throughout their 18 year run, the British band might have just made their blandest record yet. While the same emotive lyrics are utilized on…

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Pixies – Indie Cindy (57.5)


It is undoubtedly difficult for a once groundbreaking band to make a comeback decades later. Its two choices are to either try to adapt to the new popular sound of modern music and risk seeming overproduced and desperate, or to stick to their original sound that made them a success and risk seeming unevolved and…

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Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots (82.5)


Twenty years ago, Britpop band Blur released their landmark album Parklife, the album that shot the London and Essex-based four piece to fame. Following a few more albums with Blur, lead singer Damon Albarn began to experiment with other musical styles, eventually creating the visual project and musical group Gorillaz, as well as producing an…

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