Rush – Clockwork Angels (95)


Three legends in their 60’s are back on the cutting edge and apparently they “can’t stop thinking big.” The boys from Canada were obviously quite motivated with this release and have reinvented themselves in remarkable fashion. Certain albums have a purpose and Clockwork Angels is the epitome of such a recording.  When drummer and band…

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The Mars Volta – Noctourniquet (87.5)


The Mars Volta’s concept album, Noctourniquet, brings in its semantic content with a philosophical approach that pushes a start button to implement changes the band needed to take. For those who follow the band and Omar’s solo work, it would be easily noticeable that some gradual change throughout their trajectory and other evidences in previous…

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Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth (80)


So who gets the blame for re-introducing Van Halen to their eager fans by selecting “Tattoo” as their first single?  Catchy as it may be as a “proper single” … poor choice. With that observation out of the way, this effort is welcomed by many as original singer David Lee Roth is back in the…

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Korn – The Path of Totality (85)


The Path Of Totality is a highly experimental album in which the band explores uncharted territory that will please their nu metal fans. Electro and nu metal occur in the album with perfect agreement; mastering is absolutely glorious in the attempt to obtain an innovative concept, one that will certainly put the band on the…

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Evanescence – Evanescence (82.5)


After a five year hiatus that was not idle in developments and identity seeking, Evanescence returned in 2011 and did not disappoint. However, their self-titled 3rd release does raise some questions. Stellar vocalist/pianist Amy Lee has always been the driving personality of the band, and though she admirably claims to have desired more of a…

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