Bad Brains – Into The Future (42.5)


Bad Brains are one of those bands that the word “seminal” is often bandied around. They have been going since the late 70s, and are therefore part of the punk vanguard. There’s an argument for them being the American Sex Pistols, in terms of influence, if not musical style or attitude. Born out of a…

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Deftones – Koi No Yokan (82.5)


Koi No Yokan, or Love’s Premonition, is the seventh Deftones album and second album which does not feature bass player Chi Cheng, as he is still recovering from a car accident he had back in 2008 where he went into coma. One of the songs on this album holds quite a discussion on the internet….

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Soundgarden – King Animal (70)

Soundgarden - Animal King

Since their reunion had been announced two years ago, everyone waited anxiously for Soundgarden to release their sixth studio album. Here everyone refers mainly to hardcore fans, as no one else really seemed to have been bothered. Despite the fact that it hadn’t been the most anticipated comeback though, the band has delivered a decent…

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As I Lay Dying – Awakened (62.5)

As I Lay Dying_awakened-cover

Awakened is the sixth studio release by metal core long-timers As I Lay Dying. In a genre that is known for its restrictive song structures and break-down trends, metal core bands often struggle to maintain longevity in a music scene that demands creativity and musical innovation. Unfortunately, Awakened falls neatly into this limited style of…

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Dethklok – Dethalbum III (85)


This third album of Dethklok has music from its cartoon Metalocalypse – seasons two, three and four. The cartoon is based on musicians in a death metal band who are just about incompetent of everything except making brutal metal. The one thing anyone has to keep in mind is that most songs are based on…

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