Mac DeMarco – 2 (80)


Following his earlier mini-LP – Rock’n’Roll Night Club – Mac Demarco, formerly known as Makeout Videotape, has released a full length album –2. It’s an odd compilation of 11 acoustic tracks which fade one into the other creating the impression of one lengthy song with a story that shifts on every corner.  Judging the record…

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Aerosmith – Music From Another Dimension! (57.5)


With over a decade since their last album release, Aerosmith have left their individual pursuits (temporarily) behind to produce their latest album Music From Another Dimension! For a band whose musical history and discography is loyal to the fun and traditional ‘90s rock ‘n’ roll, there is a certain dullness on this album that hinders…

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Green Day – ¡Dos! (55)


Releasing a trilogy of albums across a tight six month period is always going to be ambitious for any band, but based on how Green Day managed to courageously change their musical direction completely back in 2004 and effortlessly pull off 9 minute tracks, there was a lot of faith in what the band were…

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The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds (100)


The word masterpiece is often overused in the rock dictionary, but never has it rung more true than in the case of The Beach Boys’ epic Pet Sounds.  Released in 1966, it is definitely one of the most important rock albums of all time and arguably the best American recording to this date. Paul McCartney…

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Psychedelic Pill (80)


If there’s one thing Neil Young hasn’t failed to deliver on his latest album, Psychedelic Pill, it is the feeling that the sixties have never passed.  Hippies are still imposing their love for peace, as well as hatred for governments and corporations on the rest of the world’s population. Trying to capture elusive memories from…

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