The Return of Interpol


Written by Nick Amies It is the curse of every band with a highly acclaimed and much loved debut album that each subsequent release will be compared to that first artistic statement. Critics will await new material with a certain morbid fascination, eager to remark on how close to total extinguishment the band’s early creative…

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Hearing Double? Pushing the Boundaries of Musical Borrowing


When the lines between originality and copyright are blurred and viciously disputed.  Written by Lilen Pautasso It seems that one of the age-old controversies in the music industry is that of unintended “borrowing.” In the modern age where music can be shared instantaneously, artists appear to be walking a fine line between inspiration and outright…

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How Kickstarter is Saving Independent Music

Kickstarter 2

Written by Tricia Stansberry Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website that began in 2009. Since its beginning, Kickstarter has successfully funded 135,000 projects. Kickstarter has been known to generate headlines, both positively and negatively. While many people applaud the website, some projects are called into question for their legitimacy and necessity. However, while there may be some…

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The Hypocrisy of KISS and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Written by Bill Pulice I’ll admit it. I was a pretty big KISS fan growing up and it was Alive! (1975) that started it all. Their live performances were like no other and they had some very good songs, such as “Detroit Rock City,” “Making Love,” Shout It Out Loud,” to name a few. Fast…

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