The Band – The Band (100)


The Band may not be from Lake Charles, Louisiana, as mentioned in ‘Up On Cripple Creek’ or heading there any time soon. But the Canadian group struck gold with their second studio album featuring several of the band’s most historic songs, such as ‘Up On Cripple Creek.” Even though The Band sticks to their iconic…

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Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here (100)


After the overwhelming success of Pink Floyd’s innovative and groundbreaking Dark Side of the Moon in 1972, its popularity and acclaim seems to often eclipse the group’s follow-up album Wish You Were Here released two years later. A quite difficult process to attain in the studio, the album was eventually completed and much of the…

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Boston – Boston (100)


It is not often a band is able to release a debut album filled with songs of such perfection that they would not only become instant favorites, but would later develop into cherished and iconic hard rock classics.  But for Boston, a band started by MIT graduate Tom Scholz, such a fantasy became an instant…

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