Joni Mitchell – Court and Spark (100)


Court and Spark continued Joni Mitchell’s musical journey and describes to listeners what she has found to be true of life and love.  By the time this album was released, Mitchell had cultivated an ongoing legacy as a brilliant songwriter but took her time recording in 1973; she used this record to explore a new…

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Beatles – The Beatles (100)


For many, the Beatles had been omnipresent and all-powerful for most of the mid-60s, but the Fab Four truly hit their peak in 1968, the year after Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band had inspired a huge cultural and musical shift. That album’s combination of commercial success, critical acclaim and huge counter-cultural impact had elevated…

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The Who – Quadrophenia (100)


“The ocean is ‘immense illogical,’ in that it is a vast expanse dreaming its own dreams and asleep in its own reality, yet containing within itself the seeds of antithesis.” – Heinrich Zimmer (Mythologist). Symbolically the ocean is the “begetter of monsters,” its outer beauty is calming and aesthetically pleasing; yet, its vastness harbors mystery…

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