Whitesnake – Whitesnake (87.5)


During the 1980s, music took an important turn with the birth of MTV. The popularization of bands worldwide was associated through video filming. Music stopped being felt as a whole and was being perceived through a single sense, drenching our eyes with all kinds of colors and weird hairstyles. In short, music was no longer…

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Ringworm – Hammer of the Witch (80)


Since exploding forth from the Cleveland hardcore scene with their impressive 1993 debut and surviving frequent lineup changes, Ringworm have been one of the most influential outfits to unite the traditionally hostile camps of hardcore punk and heavy metal, commonly referred to as metalcore.  Unlike many of their contemporaries (such as fellow Cleveland hardcore legends…

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Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy (100)


After five years of mixed criticism, huge chart successes, and four self-titled albums, in 1973 Houses of the Holy was released, marking a number of firsts for the buoyantly rising Zeppelin. Not only was it the first album to showcase music solely produced by the band, but Houses of the Holy was Led Zeppelin’s first indisputable attempt…

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Soundgarden – Superunknown (100)


Words alone do not do Superunknown justice as this heavenly jackhammer of an album is in a league of its own. All an innocent onlooker can do is stare in awe as this multifaceted piece of music unfolds before them, evolving with every listen. In this sprawling 70 minute masterpiece it is unbelievably easy to…

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