Metallica – Master of Puppets (100)


Listening to Master of Puppets is a mix of emotions. In-between moments of head-banging, one can’t help but to remember that this is the last album fans ever got from the 1983-86 Metallica lineup. Bassist and backing vocalist Cliff Burton died in Sweden during the band’s European leg of the Damage Inc. tour that supported…

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Led Zeppelin – II (97.5)


Led Zeppelin already had an impressive touring schedule under their belts when they released their sophomore album, Led Zeppelin II.  They had completed touring around the UK and the States, but Led Zeppelin II would be the album that would cement them into rock history. The album was released in October 1969, a mere nine…

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Dream Theater – Dream Theater (80)


Prog metal pioneers and musical perfectionists, Dream Theater have been on the progressive metal scene for a long time. Ever since their debut almost 30 years ago, the band has seen a number of changes both musically and structurally. Two years after they entered the post-Mike Portnoy era with A Dramatic Turn of Events, the…

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AC/DC – Highway To Hell (87.5)


The sixth studio album from Australian rockers AC/DC was the last album to feature original lead singer, Bon Scott, who would pass away the next year in early 1980. Although he left too soon, he didn’t leave without deeply contributing to this great compilation of catchy hard-rock-anthems. With Highway To Hell, the songs often start…

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