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Best Albums of 2013

We hope you enjoy our Top 10 list of the Best Albums of 2013. Please note that albums considered and selected were taken from only those Puluche reviewed in 2013. Please feel free to make any comments on our selections. We greatly value your feedback. We look forward to a great year of new music…

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This Week in Rock Music News


Written by: Teodor Nihtianov From new releases by legends of the past, to upcoming tour news from bands new and old, we have some non-gossipy steel-plated information that is sure to fill up your curiosity quota for the week.  Here we go. Lollapalooza 2014’s Official Lineup Adds Arctic Monkeys and … More Quantity than Quality…

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This Week in Rock Music News


Written by: Teodor Nihtianov While it has been a generally slow week for rock music news, Beck ’s glorious album Morning Phase was unleashed to the delight of many and has reached #03 on Billboard 200. Well deserved! St. Vincent’s new self-titled release has also received much acclaim with the help from their new label and…

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She’s Electric – A Britpop Love Story


  Puluche: Firstly, congratulations on She’s Electric. It’s an excellent novel and certainly is a multi-faceted love story with a sex, drugs and rock and roll backdrop, but within a “Cool Britannia” culture which many might not know about.  How does your book relate to international audiences when it’s such a Brit-focused topic? Nick Amies:…

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