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Written by: Teodor Nihtianov

Surprise, surprise it is another dramatic week of mostly ups in the world of rock music. This fresh new batch of information seems to be arrogantly riding the luscious coattails of last week because there is no way one thickly layered news week can follow another. The skeptic in me is panicking because so many genuinely good things are happening in the world of rock so naturally a conspiracy has to be the only answer. It is probably too early to tell but mark my words, statistical trickery is happening and it is only a matter of time before Murphy’s Law backhands us all in the face. However until then let’s enjoy the optimism while we can.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inducts Class of 2014


The Class of 2014 entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this past Thursday at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.  The performer inductees included: Cat Stevens, Daryl Hall and John Oates, KISS, Linda Ronstadt, Peter Gabriel, and Nirvana. The Rolling Stones’ manager Andrew Loog Oldham and Beatles manager Brian Epstein received the Ahmet Ertegun Award for Lifetime Achievement, and The E Street Band received The Award for Musical Excellence.  The ceremony will be televised May 31st on HBO. Until then, here’s a few videos to hold you over.

Queens of the Stone Age Release a Sexy New Track


It seems like a long, long time since …Like Clockwork came out and QOTSA have finally realized that we need some new material to sink our teeth into. This new song, “Smooth Sailing” is a steamy, fun, rhythmic noise machine that is unstoppably catchy. It will be interesting to see if this careless party vibe bleeds onto the rest of the album or if a few ballads will be thrown in to balance out the mood. Either way I am happy to see the Queens back in the studio and hopefully the new album is released sometime in the next ten seconds because they are simply one of the best bands out today. 

Michael Eavis: Led Zeppelin Will Reform


When asked if Led Zeppelin would ever reform, he told radio station Ireland AM: ”That will happen one day – I’m sure of it. They will do it.” 

There are three separate but clear meanings behind this man’s bold statement. The first being the obvious skeptical naysayer version, where Eavis is just blurting out this absurd theory to gain media attention ahead of his Glastonbury Festival. But there is also the second optimistic “I’m so ecstatic I want to run across the Atlantic and hug this prophet of happiness” version where Mr. Eavis actually knows something we don’t and is alluding to a future Zeppelin reunion. The third and final version is the rabid fan within Mr. Eavis speaking out of turn and hoping that his words somehow cause a ripple in the universe and bring Zeppelin back to us.

Whatever the meaning, it is entirely too cryptic to actually take sides so just relax and wait for Zeppelin to actually confirm something.

Artist Remakes Iconic Album Covers as Seen From the Other Side

Did you ever think, “Hmm, I wonder what that album picture would like from the back?” Me neither but this is so well done you might actually start wondering that from now on. Check it out, the Iron Maiden one is especially spectacular. 

How the Black Keys Found a Deep New Groove on Psychedelic ‘Turn Blue’


In order to find their new densely pronounced psychedelic sound, The Black Keys threw everything including the kitchen sink out and just organically let the songs come out. So basically the new record Turn Blue wrote itself.

According to the two bandmates their revelation came when they cut a new song called “Weight of Love” which is a sprawling seven minute breakup song pierced by frequent Auerbach solos. They loved the freedom so much they decided to stop writing singles and just let the sound pour out. “After that, it was like, ‘We can do whatever we want – it’ll be all right,” That’s badass, I need that new album ASAP. For now, check out their song “Fever” from the upcoming album due out May 13th.

Former Mars Volta Members Form New Group with Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea

I am always interested to hear about supergroups because they dance on the razor’s edge of insanity and brilliance. Sometimes when famous musicians get together their egos can easily cause a seismic crack in the foundation of the band and ruin the potential they started with, i.e. Audioslave and Atoms For Peace. However, there is also a chance that the egos remain in check and a superb band is formed and in turn beautiful noises come out of that band, i.e. Them Crooked Vultures.  Now we have Antemasque, a former Mars Volta members/Flea symbiosis that sounds pretty damn wild.  Check out video below. So far so good guys.  Happy Spring Break!


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