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Written by: Teodor Nihtianov

While it has been a generally slow week for rock music news, Beck ’s glorious album Morning Phase was unleashed to the delight of many and has reached #03 on Billboard 200. Well deserved! St. Vincent’s new self-titled release has also received much acclaim with the help from their new label and PR machine. We wish both of these incredible artists much success and be sure to check out their supporting tours this year.

And then there is KISS. Well… for the time being they’ve stopped throwing proverbial feces at the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and really everyone imaginable including the band’s founding members. Gene and Paul, it really is time to shut up! We realize you don’t know how to act in such a situation because in actuality you truly don’t belong in any Hall of Fame category. Maybe best makeup. The remaining founding members have truly embarrassed themselves and will likely to continue to do so… so for better or worse, stay tuned for more of their drama.  In other news, here’s what’s happening in the world of rock music:

Guns N’ Roses 3D Concert Film Hitting Theaters


Guns N’ Roses’ 3D concert film, “Appetite For Democracy: Live From The Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas,” will be hitting movie theaters in various countries across the world next month, according to a special website set up for the film.

The concert film was filmed during Guns N’ Roses first Las Vegas residency at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s live venue The Joint back in November of 2012.

So far there are scheduled theatrical releases in the UK, Spain, Holland for April 3rd and Denmark on April 7th, with Europe listed as April, Mexico on April 16th, Central America April 17th, and Brazil, Argentina, Japan, and the United States release dates are all still to be announced.

The theatrical release will be followed by a home video release in various formats including standard DVD, a 3D Blu-ray DVD, a Deluxe 2CD+DVD set and digital long form. A release date has not yet been announced.

Guns N’ Roses recently announced that they will be returning to the venue in May and June of this year for their second Las Vegas residency which they have dubbed “No Trickery! An Evening of Destruction.” 

Coldplay Has a Few New Tricks on “Magic” and New Album

Before this song found its way on the internet, Coldplay released “Midnight” which raised a huge amount of question marks not only because of its atypical sound but it was not accompanied by any mention of a new album. “Magic” tightened things up by allowing Coldplay fans some form of release, as it announces that their new album, Ghost Stories, will be out on May 19th.

While “Magic” is not as experimental as “Midnight.” it does conjure up something new about Coldplay. This new stripped down sound with soft backbeats and gentle guitar strums is refreshing yet it does not overshadow the stadium-sized falsetto of Chris Martin, which is a classic staple for this band. It is safe to say that I am intrigued about Coldplay’s new venture.

Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden Set to Co-Headline a Summer US Tour

This is more a theory than it is a reality, as yesterday marked the 20th anniversary for their best records, respectively, The Downward Spiral and Superunknown, but it seems that these two powerhouse bands will be seen together in 22 different venues across the United States.

The website Live Nation accidentally released some information pointing to a Soundgarden and NIN concert in Dallas, TX on August 17th. We’ll be sure to list the tour dates when they become available.

Black Sabbath Box Set Coming

blacksabbathBlack Sabbath is releasing a physical box set of their previously digitally released “The Complete Studio Albums (1970-1978)” collection. However, the new set will feature a clamshell box packaging and include the eight studio albums that were recorded by the original lineup of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Terry “Geezer” Butler and Bill Ward. The box set will be released on April 15th. Long live the pioneers of heavy metal!

Arctic Monkeys Crash a Biker Sex Party in New “Arabella” Video – Parental Warning Included

The Cold Primates are back with the latest single from their brilliant album AM. It is a hyper-stylized, throwback black and white visual that suits the lyrics fantastically. Check it out below.

Deftones Start Recording New Album Without Chino Moreno

Chino is a busy man to say the least. He has two bands, Crosses and Palms on top of Deftones, so it becomes easy to understand why he is MIA. However according to him everything is perfect because the Deftones are not planners, they just get in that studio and work off of each other until a record is spawned. I think that is beautiful. More power to Chino and more power to the Deftones’ random creative combustion method.

The band’s forthcoming album and follow-up to 2012’s Koi No Yokan will also be their first since the death of founding bassist Chi Cheng, who passed away last April four years after a car accident left him paralyzed and comatose. We wish them the very best!

“Frozen” Hit Wins Oscar for Best Original Song

How can I not mention the Oscars? It is the moment where the world stops turning and eagerly awaits the grandest display of narcissism to happen on their television.

I found myself part of this ego movement and was genuinely surprised that “Frozen” won. Don’t get me wrong. The song is very pretty but U2’s “Ordinary Love” is a sublime piece of music that should have won in my opinion. This coming from a person who is consistently underwhelmed by the modern U2, but seriously check out the stripped down version of “Ordinary Love” – performed on The Tonight Show.

Former Pearl Jam Executive Sentenced To 14 Months in Prison

Rickey Charles Goodrich, the former chief financial officer at Pearl Jam’s management company, Curtis Management, was sentenced to 14 months in prison for stealing from the band.
Goodrich was sentenced after pleading guilty to six counts of first-degree theft, after being charged with stealing $380,000 from the management company over a four-year period prior to his firing in 2010.

The Seattle Police department determined that his thefts had cost the management company a total of $566,000, including investigative expenses, according to


This Week’s Birthday’s

March 09th – Robin Trower (guitarist, Procol Harum, Solo – 69), Chris Thompson (vocalist, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – 66)

March 10th – Tom Scholz (bassist, Boston – 67), Jeff Ament (guitarist, Pearl Jam – 51)

March 11th – George Kooymans (guitarist, Golden Earring – 66), Vinnie Paul (drummer, Pantera – 50)

March 12th – James Taylor (solo artist – 66), Steve Harris (bassist, Iron Maiden – 58), Graham Coxon (vocalist, guitarist, Blur – 45)

March 13th – Adam Clayton (bassist, U2 – 54)

March 14th – Walter Parazaider (saxaphonist, Chicago – 69)

March 15th – Phil Lesh (bassist, Grateful Dead – 74), Dee Snider (vocalist, Twisted Sister – 59), Bret Michaels  (vocalist, Poison – 59)


In closing, props to the indie rock band Real Estate on their new release this week entitled Atlas. It is a gem of a sleeper and an upcoming spotlight review.  Until next week, keep rocking and enjoy every day.

“If music be the food of love, play on: give me excess of it…” – William Shakespeare



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